We offer a comprehensive course selection to help your child grow and excel in traditional classes. Courses are available from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. For registration forms, please select a location from the top.

  • English

    English is offered from JK/SK to Grade 12 and focuses on 3 main areas; Grammar, Comprehension and Vocabulary.

  • Math


    The Mathematics courses is designed to improve student’s knowledge and understanding of concepts & principles.

  • Reidmount Coding For Kids & Teens

    Coding Without Boundaries

    Introduced in 2017, the Coding Program powered by Under the GUI, a co-developed computer programming class for children aged 7 up to teens.

  • Science

    The Science course covers multiple components including chemistry, physics and biology from Grade 1-10.

  • Semester Math

    This course is designed to prepare students for their semester in Mathematics. This strategy is to improve our students' knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of mathematics before…

  • Writing

    Students are taught the skills and techniques of writing and focus is on different types of writing such as 5-paragraph essays, the ins-and-outs of research, how to structure arguments and…

  • Drawing

    Drawing is taught on an individual basis. Types of drawing include: Emphasis is put on skill and creativity. Students choose the type of drawing that interests them. They will progress…