Students are taught the skills and techniques of writing and focus is on different types of writing such as 5-paragraph essays, the ins-and-outs of research, how to structure arguments and comparisons, outline and much more.  Homework assignments will be given.  This course is made up of a large amount of hands-on practice and students develop creative writing skills.

Higher grades are taught critical thinking, reading, and writing skills beyond the standard English program. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ analytical and inferential reasoning skills, and on expanding their strategies for argumentation, using the various genres of literature types as subject matter.

A base of grammar and fundamentals are required before taking this course (see English Course for more info.).

There are 3 levels for Writing:

  • Level 1 (for Grade 5-6 students)
  • Level 2 (for Grade 7-8 students)
  • Level 3 (for Grade 9 and over students)