Online Summer School 2021 Registration Open

Reidmount Discovery School is thrilled to announce the launch of the 6-Week Summer e-Bootcamp Program starting July 5, 2021.

All new curriculum, reinforcement program with daily homework, weekly tests/assignments providing structure and a solid academic foundation over the summer months.  Project-based learning through technology to investigate and respond to complex real-world problems, piquing students’ curiosity and improving motivation and results. Main focus will be on core study skills, public speaking, writing, note-taking and test-taking strategies that will help improve performance, presentation skills, and preparation for tests.

The program will be dedicated in two key areas:

Project-based Learning Through Technology
  • Daily Homework
  • Weekly Assignments/Presentations
  • Spelling Bee/Math Competition
  • Skill development on:
    • Public speaking
    • Presentation skills
    • Note Taking Skills
Test/Exam Preparation through practice
  • Test taking strategies
  • Study habits and test approach
  • Major concepts Review
  • How to learn and remember information
  • Creating Study Guides for Test Preparation
  • Tests/Exams with different types of questions

Summer Online Program –  6-week Program

  • 6-week Program.  Offering Math, English, Writing, Science, and Coding for Kids and Teens.
  • July 5-August 13, 2021.  Monday-Friday, one hour daily per subject between 9am-12pm.
  • Early bird registration.  Starting from $650/subject.   Regular Tuition starting from $700.
  • Daily homework, weekly tests/assignments, and exam preparation.
  • Dedicated teacher, interactive engagement, small

Early bird registration now open and ends May 17th, tuition starting from $650/subject. 
Regular tuition starts from $700/subject.  The program will begin on July 5th.  If you would like to join the program, kindly complete the Summer Registration Form.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Note:  The office is open virtually on Saturdays and by appointment only.  Fastest form of communication is via e-mail.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Reidmount Discovery School