Schools Closed Until Further Notice

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Schools will be closed until further notice.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen extraordinary measures taken by governments across the country – closing thousands of schools and non-essential businesses. The current directive from the Ministry of Education is all schools in Ontario will remain closed, to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.  At this time, we do not know if further extensions will be announced, but commit to keeping you updated as new information becomes available.

That said, we remain focused on developing solutions to help our students continue productive learning while practicing self-isolation at home.  In the face of the challenge to build our students’ academic foundation under such crisis while continuing to protect all members of our community, a decision has been made to temporarily shift our curriculum delivery at all grade levels to web-based learning with Zoom (an online video platform) starting this Saturday, April 4th. Some of you may already be familiar with Zoom, as it can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our recommendation is to use a laptop/ desktop computer with a camera and a stable internet connection.

Next steps:

  • Starting Saturday, April 4th, classes will commence based on the regular class times on Saturdays and based on school.
  • The Zoom online classes will be hosted live by the teacher.
  • Students will get to see and interact with their fellow peers and teacher.
  • Homework will be distributed online in class, and we are currently working on several assessment components.
  • Each student will require a device during class.
  • A consent form must be signed before your child/children can participate in the online classes. The Virtual Learning Consent form can be found here

For more information on the online security in place to protect our students, teachers and visit, please see Virtual Learning Security.

We understand that younger students may need some assistance to use the online platform, and there may be some technological learning curves. However, we are giving our best efforts to help provide some normalcy under the current crisis. Throughout the online delivery, we will monitor and make modifications as we see fit. Your patience and support are appreciated as we adapt to the new teaching platform.  It is important at this junction that we support our children, in particular the young ones, while teaching them to assume new challenges and responsibilities diligently. We hope our extra efforts will productively engage the students and they will benefit from the experience.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Reidmount Discovery School

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